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Trading CFDs

CFD stands for Contract for Difference and is a financial contract between two parties - typically a buyer and a seller which basically says that a seller will pay a buyer for the difference between the asset and the value at time of contract. This allows trader to take advantage of price movements in either direction of the asset (instrument) without actual ownership of the underlying asset. In a market sense - this allows traders to speculate about market movements.

CFDs exist for many different asset classes, but the most common are stock indices, oil, and precious metals. The following are the most common stock indices:

Symbol Underlying Instrument
US30 Index of top 30 shares on Wall Street
SPX500 US SPX500 Index
NAS100 Tech 100 index of US listed shares
GER30 Germany 30 Index
AUS200 Australia 200 Index
JPN225 Japan 225 Index

Live CFD Data

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Golden rules for HYIP Investing

  • Get all the information and make sure you understand it. They are not known for their support or giving back your money if you make a bad decision.
  • Set a goal on getting out so you are clear when the pressure is on.
  • Invest early – the earlier the better so you can get your returns and move on.
  • Keep deposits moderate. It will vary for each HYIP but no more than $50 is a good rule for beginners.
  • Withdraw earnings when you can. Make sure you check the minimum withdrawal.
  • Assess the site daily. Check Stacks of Coin HYIP monitor for a good HYIP monitor.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – be prepared to lose your investment.

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